Parents form one of the most important segments of stakeholders. They are the providers and hence the deciders in the children’s lives. It is, therefore, important to open channels of communication with them and sensitize them to the needs of the world and their children.

As part of this initiative, School on Wheels instituted the parent-teacher meeting that takes place every 6 months. At this meet, parents are updated on their children’s progress in school and areas of concern are brought up. Following that, solutions are jointly drawn up and committed to.

School on Wheels also runs several camps and exhibitions for the parents. These could involve the screening of an educational film for the community or an exhibition on the harmful effects of chewing tobacco. Such initiatives have profound effects on the parents and the children. In the latter case, several children were successful in convincing their parents to give up tobacco. Parents are also invited to science and arts exhibitions that display their children’s works. This infuses a sense of pride in the child and grants credibility to the education system, thereby ensuring retention.