Teacher Empowerment

The School on Wheels program was started as one that empowers teachers to teach better and hence, enhance the quality of education imparted in these rural schools. Over the years, we have not only maintained this principle but also strengthened the programs we have for teachers.

Teachers in India, especially in the rural parts where School on Wheels works, are extremely disadvantaged. They have little exposure to the outside world and hence, know very less about new trends in good teaching. They are also paid inadequate salaries and undergo constant distraction from their classroom by being summoned for administrative tasks. A huge shortage of manpower results in each teacher handling many more children than they should, and this proves antithetical to productivity and dedication.

The School on Wheels program systematically addresses these issues and supports teachers in boosting their professional skills and self esteem.

• Teacher training sessions

Training sessions are conducted both in the village schools during School on Wheels visit, or centrally in the premises of Sister Nivedita Educational Foundation. The emphasis of these training sessions is the evolution of teaching methodologies and inclusion of modern aspects. Be it the use of props or the encouragement of extra-curricular activities, teachers are sensitized on what drives good learning. They are also educated on child psychology and different needs of students so as to make teaching more effective. Finally, we help them see that good education is not just about good grades but also about really enjoying what you learn, a connect between teacher and student, the inculcation of values and application of classroom knowledge to life in the external world.

• Best School and Teacher Awards

Since 1997, Sister Nivedita Educational Complex has been giving awards to Best Schools and Best Teachers every year. The purpose of this award has been to celebrate excellence and outstanding teaching in the classroom, recognize contribution towards the mission and aims as well as create inspirations for other schools and teachers to look up to.

One Best school and two Best teachers are selected and awarded from amongst all School on Wheels family of 88 rural schools and 650 teachers.

Total of 42 such awards have been presented since 1995, that include cash prize, set of books and a trophy to each school and teachers, at the hands of eminent educationists.