Students are the most important stakeholders of the School on Wheels program. All other stakeholders are trained and mentored to be aligned with the needs of the child and to ensure a safe learning environment in which the child can experience “joy of learning”. School on Wheels has grown phenomenally, both in terms of the number of students it reaches out to and the offerings it has for the students.

School on Wheels started off with less than 4000 children in its first year. Today, it impacts the education of more than 20,000 children every year. It has impacted a total of 200,000 children since its inception.

One of the biggest successes of the School on Wheels program has been the massive reduction in the drop-out rate, which was 30% when the program had started and has come down to less than 1.5% today. This addresses the mission of retention that School on Wheels has set for itself and shows that more and more students are not only joining the school but also remaining in class and completing their schooling.

The School On Wheels program also uses its network of schools to run the E26 (Educate To Graduate) program. This program was created to give scholarship and loans to students to be able to pursue higher education. Till date, 250 girls have been awarded scholarships and 114 boys have received a loan to study a subject of their choice in nearby town schools.

As part of the School On Wheels program, Sister Nivedita Foundation also runs Youth Wellness camps every year. These camps constitute of medical check-ups by volunteer-doctors from the USA and from different parts of India. Till date, 6300 children have attended these camps. Some who are diagnosed with serious illnesses are taken to city hospitals to undergo the required procedures for a complete cure. All costs are bom by Sister Nivedita Foundation.