Ecological awareness

The environment has become a major cause for concern in the last few years. The effects of global warming is not only well known by now but are already being felt through natural calamities, shifts in weather, changes in temperatures and much more. The environment is not being subtle anymore in its indication of what is to come.

Under such circumstances, it is important for every educational program to take responsibility for building a rung of responsible future citizens who will not only be aware of the challenges but will also actively invest in the alleviation of problems and the propagation of solutions. School on Wheels makes ecological awareness an integral part of its programs at rural schools. Living close to nature, the teachers and students of these schools might not always have first-hand knowledge of the challenges our environment faces. We conduct workshops and activities that help them understand the situation. We also conduct tree plantation drives in all schools to reduce the carbon footprint and ensure that we play our role in the larger scheme of ecological balance.

Apart from environmental concerns, we also work to make the children aware of the applications of nature in everyday life. In India, we have ancient traditions of scientifically proven natural medicine made of herbs. The children are taught about such medicinal plants and herbs so that they can start using it in their everyday life. These are small steps towards integrating more and more nature in our everyday life and building dependencies with our natural surroundings so that we never completely ignore them.