World has recognized India as economic super power. Urban India is shining. At the same time teeming millions living in the rural area are struggling for two ends to meet. They have been deprived from eating the fruits of this progress. This is Bharat. There is a difference between urban India and poor Bharat.

We by School on Wheels try to bridge this gap by providing quality education to poor rural children. To eliminate poverty, education is an only tool by which people can earn more, know how to raise standard of living and have a vision of better life.

Who are we?

• The Sister Nivedita Foundation is an NGO in Gujarat, India

• It has been serving the cause of education for more than 45 years

• its primary aim is to tackle the urban-rural divide and overcome the lack of accessibility to amenities that villagers face

Nature of Project

School on Wheels project is the first of its kind in India providing multi-model system of high quality education, encouraging girl’s enrolment in schools and improving teaching standards in rural Gujarat.

Aim of Education

To nurture and develop

1. A good human being,

2. A good citizen who contributes to the betterment of society,

3. A creative and well-rounded person who appreciates nature, art and finer things in life.


Mahatma Gandhi’s highest priority was education. When asked: “What is the true solution for the country’s problems in your view?” The austere Mahatma had tersely replied: “Education and Cleanliness.” SOW motivated through this ideology and promotes the education in remote rural area of Gujarat. Our aim is to produce a good citizen with higher moral standards and strong ethical values.

Our Motto

“Sadvichaaram Anvikshamahe” – We are in search of good thoughts.

Our activities

• School On Wheels is a unique model initiated 20 years ago to propagate quality education in villages

• It consists of two buses traveling through 53 villages all year

• Caters to teacher training and education needs in 88 schools across rural Gujarat

• Addresses holistic growth and personality development of about 20000 school children

• Aims to involve communities in education

Our ‘School on Wheels’ program has received ISO 9001-2008 certification.

Our organization is empanelled with National CSR Hub for our programs for Education, Vocational Training and Women Empowerment by Tata Institute of Social Sciences, TISS.

Make a change!

• ‘School on Wheels’ today is set to be the next big revolution in rural education in India

• It is a proven model and can be easily replicated in rural areas across the country

• your support can make that a reality. Help us by becoming a partner today!